Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Double birthdays!! =P

Today i'm gonna write things that happens in 8/02/2009, sunday!!
8/2 is noticed as the last day of CNY... So my family decided to celebrate it on my grandmother's house in kota kemuning...
Besides that... That day is also my mother's birthday!!! ^^
Plus... the next day is suppose to be my youngest aunt's birthday but since we already nid to start school so we all agree to celebrate the double-birthdays in one day...
To say double-birthdays... I think it should be three-awesome-thing-in a-day day...
1. CNY last day
2.my mum's birthday
3.my youngest aunt's birthday

WooHoo~~ it would be fantastic!!! Excellento!! Hahahaha....
After we ate a big dinner... we rested for a while and chats in the living room...
Den my cousin reminded me about the birthday cake..
So we quietly took out the cake and i menaged to take some cool pictures of that colourful cake!! ^^ Den we all take chances to put candles on the right positions on the cake!!! It look wonderfull!! ^^

Den it's time for the birthday-womans to take pictures with their cake!!!=D
Tadaa!! XDXD

The main characters - my mum with her youngest sister,my youngest aunt

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