Thursday, August 6, 2009

Last day

Everybody say HEY !!! ( Hey~~ )
Say HO!! ( Ho !! )
Say YEA!! ( yea~~ )

Free from wat?? Exam luuu... Today last day lorr...

PSV - I draw the theme with two national flower ( hibiscus ) ... SY say like cartoon.. hahahah~~ It's my style.. hAHAHAH~ Nvm... Vi Jia's one is the most reaL one among all of us.. She has a future of an artist weih!! And KEnneth... same lahh... SY.. Petals look rily real~~ xDDD And Hui YIng's drawing of a paddy field scenery was awesome!!!!! Her drawing skills was improving speedly!! Haahh~ Mayy's one is like usual... nice~ And not to mention... her scarecrow is sooo cute!!! xDDDD

MORAL - hahah~ Got come out names... i thought damn hard.. but okie forr mee... xDDD Coz got give tips mahh... And i gave Kenneth all my answers... Pn.Wahida dunno why ... we whisper.. quite loud lahh... she long time oni look back... sweat.. nvm.. We finish the paper so fast.. i think we still left at least 40 minutes to talk crap lehh... hahah .. oH ya.. and Flo slept.. hahaha~~ Caleb must have so enjoy the time looking at her without her notice... Hahah

ENGLISH - Happy go lucky.. xDDD I was very tired at that time.. so when i was doing my summary my eye-lids felt soo heavy.. hahaha~~ Luckily i didn't dozed off.. hahaha~~ xDD BUt i still slept AFTER i finished my paper... Den i woke up still got 10 minutes till time.. Luckily i din embarassed myself when i sleep... xPPP

( Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrriiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggg ) Bell rings.. WOOOOOOOHOOO!!!! AUGUST EXAM IS FINALLY OVER!!! YEA!!!

Next destination... SHOPPING / MOVIES!!! CAn't wait!!!

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