Sunday, August 30, 2009

Go away

Hey readers..xDDD Long time no see oo... let the sad pass and happiness arrives yeah...xP

Wow... so darn long din update d... coz i went to grandma internet... do you understand what is the torturing feeling without internet??? LOL... xDDDD haiz...i hope my blog is not too dead for you guys to refresh reading it...=DD

Anyway... I thought a lot through these days,well. maybe i am wrong or not... but everything happens bcoz of some reason... but i dun wanna know... xDD Coz i knew it would not be nice... xDD just stay normal lah.. Live yor life babeh...=="

hmm... there's a lot to say abt my holidays...xp got a lot of pics... but no time to upload yet.. Let me simplify it a lil... xPP i went to KL for a stay in the Wisma Methodist Hotel for 2 days and1 night... it was supremely fun fun fun!!!! xDD We went to chee cheong kai.. xDD F.Y.I, i went wif my aunt and uncle-in-law plus my lil bro... haah.. the hotel is cheap cheap cheap!!And the service is great great great!! x3 had loads of fun!! xDD wll upload pics soon or later... just be patient peeps...

Next... I went to a lot of book fairs.. One f it which is my favouite is the christan book fair..xDDD everything is so nice nice nice!!!!! I aso took some pictures there.... I saw an aunty there... I love her english accent...(is "accent" spelled correctly??) Hahahahah~~ She use her bare hands to paint beautiful artifaks...xDD She even transform bible stories to story books wif her magnificent painting and drawing hands!

Aahhh...xDD Everything is so wonderful wonderful wonderful... BUt as usual... time flies extremely fast when you are having fun!! hahaha
today is oledy sunday... but i havent finish my school homework... xDDD

P/S: dun perasan
P/S: i forgot the new attire for the next patrotic presentation... can tell me??
P/S: anything important we nid to pass up when school reopen?? i have feeling i still have a lot things to do... xDD lol..

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