Sunday, December 14, 2008

PIANO STATION Musical Concert~~ wohoo ~~

Today is my Piano Station musical concert day! (11 am --- 1 pm)
I went to SUMMIT on 10am to get ready and do last practice... xD (the concert is held in the SUMMIT AUDITORIUM)
We're sitting on the highest seats as guests first while waiting our turn to perform...=D

I joined the choir group so i has to perform in de opening and closing of de concert...
Our outfits are White T-shirt, blue long jeans, and white shoes...^^ Simple... Haha...
When were in the back stage... we are soooo excited plus nervous...

We are in the back stage... XD small kids~~

Still waiting... This time i took pics of the big kids~~ hahaha... teenagers~ xP

Then, after te MC announced our group name that is "the choir group"...Haha..==
Den... We went up the stage... First i am like : Oh my goodness gracious leh!!! Why soo many ppl here! Eew... All the eyes... Spooky...

haha... big react horr? Lolz... stage-fright...^^

Den, We sang 2 songs for the "grand" opening... ( " Be our guest" & "Beauty and the Beast" )...

Nice songs~~ I like " Be our guest" better bcoz it's a very happy, lively and cheerful song... It's very suitable for opening song!! =)
Then... There are other performance like :

- Piano solo
- Guitar solo
- Violin duet
- Piano duet
- Vocalist
- " Big violin " duet
- Violin solo
- Band (playing "You raise me up")

And... I think i list all out oledy gua....

Some students playing piano as a solo...^^

Piano solo too...^^ brave huh...XD


To judge how the performance is... Can say "quite ok" lor...

Some of the piano solo's mixed up their songs and scramble things up .... But luckily they calm down and evantually manage to finish de whole song...^^

Den... When it's the end we choir members has to sing 2 more songs for the ending ("Only You" & " Can't take my eyes off of you").... the last song is more cheerful!!

~~ I luv you baby~~ And if it's quite alright~~ I nid you baby~~ To warm your lonely nite~~

YeaH!! This concert can count as quite successful... XP

At the ending after we sang the ending song we have to stay on stage to take some photos...

I smiled as if somebody is forcing me to smile... Hahaha..=]

You know wat? I met LAU RUO SHIN who is my old skulmate in the concert...^^

She performs as a guitar solo playing " fur elise"... ^^ Cool weih...X]

Very nice too...x]

Woohoo~~ Concert is over!! Yeah... I no nid to go attend practise every week oledy!!

Haha... After some days... I am gonna t fly to sarawak!! ( to attend my aunt's wedding ceremony~) ^^ My first time to sit on plane leh!^^

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