Saturday, March 27, 2010

between love and friendship... which one should i choose?

Many would say friendship,
many would say love...
Why cant a person just have both,
but i guess, that's only for fairytale stories (:
which WONT happen

LOL!! anyway....
Due to our randomness and bored-ness,
me and mich created names for each other,

i call her tofu, while she call me bean LOL!!!
there's a reason,
she is white, like REALLY WHITE
and she is soft, and lembik..
like really lembik,
and she is easily crushed,
especially by hawt guys... LOLOLOLOL!!!
i personally hate tofu LOL!!
but for her tofu is cute laaa LOL!!!

blabla went to youth,
carpool-ed.. save the environment!! LOL!
and and we actually did the earth hour thing,
see lahhhh, we are the eco-ppl yo!!!
blabla... i am losing myself... D:

* In love, it's always better to know and be dissapointed, then don't know and always wonder *
is it so?

xoxo, Jaslyn