Wednesday, March 3, 2010

the hardest thig in love is to see someone you love, love someone else..

If you love me,
pls let me know...
If you dont,
pls gently let me go ..

To : all the girls who are has crushes (:


Bla bla today was okay okay laaa...
had our last exam which is PSV exam :D
Im not really satisfied with my drawing though :/ OH WELL -.-

Bla bla something super interesting happened ^^
Sadly.. i was not on the spot to see..
i heard it from someone else :D
Its an oh-so-super-sweet scene ( described )
where this guy talks to a girl laaaa LOL
nvm if you dont understand, you dont need to ;)

Sometimes i wonder,
why must guys do like that?
Dont they know they are hurting girls in another way?
All the sweet sayings,hawt actions,charming smile, sudden messages...
But they dont seem to show anything :/
if you say that it's coz guys are shy too, and its like soooo wrong..
Girls are naturally shy, boys are meant to save girls DUUH 
Haiz.. why cant guys just talk? you know .... talk :/
Is it a must to be a boyfriend rather then a good good friend?
I dont think so.. i dont know how other girls think..
BUt i rather to be friends with my " crush "..
then be couples..
Couples always end with breaking ups.. 
and a note to all boys, girls' heart are super fragile stuff..
it breaks easily and it needs like super long time to recover,
So if you love her, pls let her know,
if you dont, just let her go :D 

And if you do love her,
pls dont hurt her,
for you must remember,
than you love her :)

She is my friend,
if you break her heart,
i will break your neck !

p/s : those SHIT guys out there who are so gutless, go back to your mama's place and be your sicking mama's boy
pp/s : USUALLY.. ( i said usually not all ) hawt guys... dont really have good attitudes, right?
ppp/s : seriously, think before you do.. THINK thrice! san si er hou xing! xD
ppp/s : BUT!!! he is hawt LOL

xoxo, Jaslyn

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