Sunday, March 21, 2010

My destiny is to be with you

Guess what? im soooo fweaking excited now!!!
WHY??? ahahahs
coz florence's mum is gonna bring her to ask for dancing stuffs ^^
to make it clear it means dancing lessons

Its not related to me YET!!!
i wanted to learn dancing alot ^^

gahh you may think im joking let me tell you Im not -.-

ahhahas pls pls pls find a nice one FLORENCE
im counting on you!! and your mum!!

okay let me share some dancing types LOL

latin ( so far flo's choice )



contemporary dancing

jazz dance

mambo dance

well... there is alot more!! hundreds.. but too many lol!!!

By that time,
we would own the house, the dancefloor,
and the whole dancing world (:
* day-dreams * LOLOLOLOL!!
it will come true!!! someday (:

blabla nth much byeeee (:

xoxo, Jaslyn

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