Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Time just goes super slow when you misses someone super badly

Went out FINALLY lolololol!!!!!
was so rottened! thx for the bore!
Spent a whole day in summit wth LOL!!!
well, transportation probs led us to summit, no pyramid -.-

WELL! desperate moments call for desperate shoppings~
ahahahas first of all watched
it's quite nice (: at least its not boring as i thought it will be LOL

LOLOLOLOL this twin is soooo cute LOLOLOL!! and hillarious LOLOLOL
how cute ehs? twiddledee and twiddledumm hehehehehe

Anyway, watched this movie with ex-classmates (:
For some reasons they had to leave early ... D:
so after movie its a bye-bye~

BUT! my typical wednesday doesn't end like this,
after that i tagged along with sy flo and xy (:
Bla bla after that we ate our dinner,
talked abt many guys,
coward guys , hawt guys, lame guys, stupid guys, useless guys, omg guys, wtf guys
ahahhas it was priceless (:

Then when they 3 got home,
i stayed back to accompany my relatives !!
LOL, basiclly today was the typical-summit-day
ahahhas maybe there will be another typical-sunway-pyramid-day!
hope so ;DDD

tommorow had to wake up like sooo early for choral speaking -.-
pls pls pls finish the script LOLOL!!!!
AND AND!!! there goes a funny convo!

lil sis : * calls my doggiiee " BISCUIT!! come come!!
aunty : harh???
lil sis : BISCUIT come come come!!! got food!!
aunty : your doggie's name is BISCUIT?
lil sis and me nodded
aunty : HARH?!?! then when you wanna feed him how?? BISCUIT come eat biscuit! waaah after your doggieee confused already!!

LOLOLOLOL!!! so funneehhh LOL

p/s : i hate you ! so pervert!!!!!!! omg go to toot lah -.-
pp/s : one week is like soooo slow yet so fast lol!!
ppp/s : pics soon or later!!! cable got crazy (:

xoxo, Jaslyn