Tuesday, March 30, 2010

full booked schedule

So hawt ehs?? xD

Things have been really tight together lately D:
all the tutions, homeworks and projects..

Despite all that,
there are like a bunch of camps to go O.O
Well if you ask me,
i can say my interest to all are quite moderate though :/
gonna have some events coming too,
plus some celebrations

1. MIYF youth camp
2. School Librarian camp
3. Leo Club Forum/Camp
4. Leo I.R day
5. Easter day performance

Well that's some of it,
they sure means alot for a person like me -.-
24 hours aint enough yo -.-
Although so,
i havent make up my mind whether to attend those camps or not
mum and pap encourages of course
i just have to listen to my own heart ;D

Oh well,
now what i know is i am gonna be super busy nowadays
but dont worry,
i will always spend some time for you (:

p/s : kinda outdated, but im getting interested of gossipgirl LOL!!
ahahahs NATE is hawt hawt hawt (:

pp/s : should i go or not ?

xoxo, Jaslyn

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