Friday, March 19, 2010

I would share te air i breathe

Crap, got pranked wtf?!?!?!
by my beloved flo, 
I KNOW~ how can she do that LOLOLOL
I said i wanted to write harshwords cursewords,
but as a good and nice girl (:
I shall consider my purity first and decided NOT to curse you LOL

Wtf can you believe some ppl around the world is getting pranked now,
i tell you if that's me im gonna burst LOL
BUT~! thanks arr -.-  LOL

not all.. but at least till where teacher required laaa
NOw just sit back , relax, and enjoy the holidays !! ^^

Justin bieber's video is soo cute,
those who doesnt like him,
no offense, you suck ! :P

AND AND!! look at cue cue!! (:
He can play the basketball LOLOLOL

xoxo, Jaslyn

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