Sunday, March 7, 2010

My dreams always have you inside.. too bad i woke up

* Rush rush rush *
HEY peeps!! faster faster!
-.- guess what i jsut found out i havent started my KH project
WHICH is supposed to pass up on TUES

Its sunday night now 9.31 pm .. OMG :*(
Im so nervous and scared now, its related to PMR duuuuhhh

LOL bflo asked me to chill lol
I cant laaaa, i feel like ponteng-ing school tomoro :(
BUT, i wont laaaa (:

wtv i just hope i can finish my project OMG
WTFFFF how can i forget -.-
ahahhs cute or not?
damn ka wa iiii (:

p/s : a msg is seriously needed now!!! a sweet one of course ahhas
pp/s : man i hate to rush, but im used to it -.- what the crap!

*rush rush rush * BYE~!

xoxo, Jaslyn

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