Monday, March 1, 2010

I peeked at you but you didnt see me.. i guess its meant to be like that

Harlos :D
Today is the second day of exam dy :D
3 more days to go and i will fly LMAO

just to shout out...
SEJARAH you better dont let me down~!!
MATHS if you had careless mistakes im gonna hate you forever!!!
GEO dont dissapoint me 
BM i went to your tution so you better be good!

hahas finish dy :D
Seriously, i double-checked almost all the papers i did,
so if i really had mistakes which i SHOULDN'T had...
I cant find any more reason why i shouldn't smack myself :)

Suddenly i felt there are so many hawtties in this world LOL
last time i always think that hawtties are super rare,
but, i was wrong :D
They are many hawt hawt guys out there,
its just that as a girl,
you have to find your cup of tea,
or maybe cups of tea :D

bye, gonna study for tomoro ;)

xoxo, Jaslyn

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