Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I thought you'd always be mine, mine...

For you,
i would have done whatever
- 'baby' justin bieber

* screams * ..... * screams super harder *
AAAHHHH justin bieber you are the pride !!!

you guys shoudl watch his BABY mv~
there is this pose that is freaking hawt okayyyyyy~
COME ON LAAAA he is only 16 :P

shit those ppl who commented smth bad abt him -.-
okayyy lah maybe his voice is not mature,
but thats what makes him special okayyy

DONT make me catch you gossiping abt him!
gonna slap you rite on your face! >:)

LOL!!!! he is so hawt for a 16.. LOL!!
maybe just his voice, who cares?
He can sing, thats what the society cares (:

GRRR justin dont give up yo!!
AND stop having gf-s lololol!!!
there are girlssssss outside emo-ing whole day bcoz of your gf !!
LOL!! not me!! tsk tsk

blah blah nth more bye!!

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