Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Guys who dont do realistic stuff are useless ..

Especially hawt ones! -.-

3 days of exam passed by so fast
i still remembered how i whined and groaned the past few days O.O
LOL it must have been annoying ahahahs

Everything was great today ;)
exam is not quite hard but it's tricky (:
i freakingly find out my freaking result for my freaking maths that i freakingly double-checked or triple-checked!!
And guess what freaking result i had -.-
I know its not bad coz i got one wrong out of all
BUT! the problem is,
its one of the freaking objectives questions,
which i was freakingly confident before
because i used my freaking calculator!!!!
SHIT SHIT~! im so gonna get the paper!
And if that is the careless mistake,
im sooo gonna kill myself -.-
who wants to teman me to die ?

bla bla end of all :D
bye chiaoz
last words,
i really hate guys that do lots of stuff,
but never tell you what they want,
and yet they make you feel so torturing in the between,
if this is call love,
girls like us dont need it >:(

xoxo, Jaslyn

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