Thursday, March 4, 2010

So shy for wat LOLOLOL!!!

Hey lo!!
short update for my readers (:

After ace tution,
went to have dinner at the KIWI restaurant with flo and sy
Xy cant join us coz she got tution :S

Took a long time to order HAHAHS
the waiter looked frustrated -.- ai yo yo lol
we 3 order the same thing O.O - chicken chop SET
camwhore, eat, talk :D
And, its gonna be our monthly routine haha ;D
Good times... GOOD TIMES!

here goes some pics,
others will be in fb :D check it out ^^

My ice lemon tea.. oh my my it sure is sour
SY : where got?? haiyo you so weird laa -.-

Group pic 1.. aren't we just the sweetest creatures LOL

Sampat-ness arises :S whaat to do LOL

I love this photo sooo much :D

Hawt hawt nya!!

Two ladies :D

Ahahahas didnt get to take photos of the food LOL
its yummy (: and we got to choose a dessert to bring back home awwwww :D

Guys, i am starting to hate them LOL
except for some real special onesssss :D

xoxo, Jaslyn

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