Friday, March 5, 2010

I am like a totally different person when you're around

Harlo earthlings ~
Another fridayyyy :)

its retarded ehs? ahahahs

today after school, went to pn tan's ( library teacher ) house
for her open house partayy :D
we talked crazily LMAO
the food there were tasty :D PIZZA!!! ahahahs

( removed the pic already coz someone dont like it  :P )

Bad photos LOL!! my battery was dying laa -.-
lol! nothing much though :D

I heard a love story just now,
it's really sad and touching,
too bad the scene now, is when the couple separates
to chill each other from the arguements :(
I hope the guy doesnt give up, instead show his concern and love,
as for the girl,
i hope she feels the love (:
In then end......
TADAA happily ever after :D

Love is very complicated , you never know when is this relationship gonna end ... :/

p/s : awww HE goes away and SHE is so sad today ... how pity
pp/s : ahahhas i foudn another hawttie LOL
ppp/s : My best wishes for you my friend (:

xoxo, Jaslyn

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